TAGD Gen 1

AI Models for Image, Video, and Graphic Design:
Catering to creatives and businesses

Bring your dreams to reality with AI models built to create anything you can think of.

Generative Ai for Creativity, Business and Advertising

No lights. No camera. All action.

Realistically and consistently synthesize new videos. Either by applying the composition and style of an image or text prompt to the structure of a source video (Video to Video). Or, using nothing but words (Text to Video). 

Winter vistas of the Swiss mountains captured from a distant perspective.

Driving Prompt

Reviving the enchantment in the art of filmmaking.

Explore the various capabilities of LLAT 1.0 in transforming any image, video clip, or text prompt into a captivating cinematic creation.

Segment 01: Text to Video

Create videos in any desired style simply by inputting a text prompt. If you can articulate it, now you can visualize it.

The New York City skyline at night with Clouds moving through the sky.

Segment 02: Text + Image to Video

Generate a video using a driving image and a text prompt

Capture a scenic photograph of Nice, a city in Southern France, on a beautiful southern day.

Driving Prompt

Mode 03: Image to Video

Generate a video using a driving image and a text prompt

Large waves crashing into a mountainous bank in Ireland on a dreary day.

Driving Prompt

Mode 04: Customization

Unleash the full power of TAGD 1.0  by customizing the model for even higher fidelity results.

Setting a New Benchmark in Video Generation.

Based on user studies, TAGD 1.0 produces more favorable outcomes in translating both Image to Image and Video to Video when compared to existing methods.

A New Era for Motion (and) Pictures

Atmosai.io Research is dedicated to building the multimodal AI systems that will enable new forms of creativity.  TAGD 1.0 represents yet another of our pivotal steps forward in this mission.

Advanced AI systems specializing in image and video synthesis are rapidly advancing in terms of precision, realism, and controllability. Atmosai.io Research stands at the forefront of these advancements, committed to ensuring that the future of creativity remains accessible, controllable, and empowering for everyone.


Built on open-sourced models and reengineered for business.




LLM Built for specific business sectors




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