About Us

About Us

On the cutting-edge of AI business technology

AtmosAi's dedicated team of AI engineers, data scientist and developers are taking business AI to a new level of innovation and security.

Generative AI for the business use case.

GenAI for image, video and advertising needs.

AI data trends, analytics and reporting.

Business process and workflow automation.

We are specialist in
business intelligence

We specialize in providing strategic AI software models to innovative technology providers around the globe, from business to advertising.

Generative AI for Business

The premier destination for companies seeking to harness the power of generative AI technology for ERPs, CRMs and business solutions.

Images, Video and Advertising

Our generative AI models are designed to enhance creativity and personalize content to resonate deeply with your audience

Software Development

As an avenue for businesses to utilize our AI models, AtmosAi's subsidiaries have developed a CRM and various micro-services.