AI Co-Pilot

Efficiency Elevated: Navigate Your Business Journey with AI Co-Pilot

AI Co-Pilot empowers businesses with intelligent guidance, streamlining operations and optimizing decision-making to give businesses a competitive edge. 

Generative Ai for Creativity, Business and Advertising

How to use Ai Co-Pilot

Use Case 1

Schedule Reminder

Engage with your AI Co-Pilot effortlessly by enabling your microphone directly on your webpage to converse with Darwin. From scheduling reminders to organizing meetings, accomplish everything seamlessly within a single window.

Use Case 2

Craft an Email

Utilize Darwin to craft personalized emails for your clients effortlessly. Simply type your message, choose the desired tone, and with a click, generate emails tailored to perfection!

Use Case 3

Automate Campaigns

Automate Campaigns with Darwin’s assistance. Enroll clients or prospects into multi-channel campaigns based on triggers you select, streamlining your marketing efforts effortlessly.

Why LLAT v1.0?

Endless features

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Constant innovation

Our team, like our business models, constantly learns from your input to innovate and maintain a competitive advantage in the market.

In the cloud

Artificial intelligence has never been more secure. When using our sales, marketing and service software, your data never extends beyond your database. 


AI Co-Pilot is the AI assistant within SalesTitan, offering a range of functionalities to streamline tasks. Capable of scheduling meetings, setting reminders, crafting emails, and more, AI Co-Pilot enhances productivity and efficiency within the SalesTitan platform.

AI Co-Pilot streamlines email creation and customization by generating new emails based on user prompts. Users can specify the content they need, select the desired tone of voice, and adjust the email’s length. This personalized approach ensures effective communication tailored to individual preferences and requirements.

Darwin offers efficient scheduling and reminder management capabilities by allowing users to schedule meetings through typing or direct conversation. Users can specify the desired date, time, and participants for the meeting or reminder, as well as the preferred form of notification for reminders or invitations. This streamlined process ensures effective organization and communication of schedules within SalesTitan.

AI Co-Pilot proves particularly beneficial in industries such as healthcare and recruiting, where scheduling is integral. It excels in businesses requiring extensive outbound calling for prospecting, optimizing time management and enhancing productivity within these sectors.