AI-BI Reporting

Unlocking Insights: Harnessing AI for Advanced Business Intelligence Reporting

Decision making just got easier.

Generative Ai model for business.

How to use AI-BI Dashboards?

Step 1

Design your dashboard

Choose from a range of options, such as line graphs, bar charts for comparative data, pie charts for percentage distributions and/or scatter plots for complex datasets.

Step 2

Define the goal of each chart

Define specific metrics and KPIs for the AI to track and report on. Utilize the AI’s capabilities to segment data, identify trends, and detect anomalies. 

Step 3

Generate and enhance insights

After the data generation, review for accuracy and relevance. Refine your requests or adjust the dashboard to improve the precision and utility of the reported data.

Why LLAT v1.0?

Endless features

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Constant innovation

Our team, like our business models, constantly learns from your input to innovate and maintain a competitive advantage in the market.

In the cloud

Artificial intelligence has never been more secure. When using our sales, marketing and service software, your data never extends beyond your database. 


An AI/BI dashboard combines Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence to dynamically create charts and reports from diverse data sources in real-time. Unlike traditional dashboards, it leverages advanced algorithms and machine learning to uncover insights, enabling data-driven decision-making.

The beauty of AI/BI dashboards lies in their adaptability to meet the unique needs of any business or user. Simply by prompting with a request such as “lead distribution by status,” the AI can generate tailored insights, making it highly customizable to specific requirements.

Yes, AI/BI dashboards can indeed aid in predicting future trends or outcomes based on historical data. As they analyze previous years’ data, they become more precise in determining the best times to allocate marketing budgets, plan business events, and execute customer outreach strategies.

The beauty of AI/BI dashboards lies in their accessibility. Regardless of your technical expertise, setting up and maintaining these dashboards is straightforward. Once the initial setup is complete, the system autonomously updates the dashboards in real-time as you input additional data, ensuring ongoing accuracy and relevance without the need for extensive technical intervention.