AtmosAi is a comprehensive allinone platform that offers businesses a suite of essential applications to help manage a variety of business disciplines. This includes customer relationship management (CRM), financial management, commissions, project management and more. The platform is easily customizable to fit your business’s individual needs and can be scaled as the business grows. Plus, with AtmosAi, you get a secure and reliable platform that is designed to provide all the tools necessary for your business’s success.


Marketing Hub

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Ai Enabled... Human Driven!

AtmosAI is a great choice for businesses looking for an all-in-one platform with all the necessary business disciplines built in as apps. With atmosAI, you get a comprehensive suite of applications for customer relationship management, financial management, inventory management, and other essential business functions. Plus, you can easily customize the platform to fit your business’s needs and scale as your business grows. With atmosAI, you get an integrated, secure, and reliable platform with everything you need to run your business. 

A Scalable business suite to fit your needs.

Use only what is necessary.

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  • Complete CRM +
  • Invoices, Quotes & estimates
  • File management
  • Campaigns
    (Email, SMS & WhatsApp –  Broadcast & Sequences)
  • Appointments
  • Products
  • Books
  • Payments
  • IQE’ (Invoices, Quotes & Est.)
  • Products & Services

  • Automated Commissions
  • Reusable Templates
  • Payments
  • Dashboard
  • Marketing
  • Campaigns
    (Email, SMS & WhatsApp –  Broadcast & Sequences)
  • Landing pages
  • Automations
  • Web & eCommerce
  • Forms
  • Ai – Aiti assist
  • Marketing
  • Campaigns
  • Landing pages
  • Automations
  • Web & eCommerce
  • Forms
  • Ai – Aiti assist
  • Support Desk
  • Support pay

AtmosAI is a powerful system powered by AI and GPT4 technology. It allows users to quickly create natural language content, such as summaries, articles, and reports. AtmosAI can process large amounts of data quickly and accurately, enabling users to create tailored content that is driven by their own human creativity. With AtmosAI, users can quickly generate content that is tailored to their needs, enabling them to save time and resources. AtmosAI also provides comprehensive analytics and insights, allowing users to make informed decisions about their content. By combining AI and human creativity, AtmosAI provides a powerful and efficient tool for creating tailored content.

Run effecient & Strong

Manage Your Business From One Place. The AtmosAI "Command Center"

A command center for all things business is ideal for managing operations. It provides a centralized hub for tasks and activities, enabling users to control, monitor, and maintain the business operations in realtime. It also allows automated tasks, such as creating reports and invoices, and segmenting operations for better insight. Streamline operations and gain greater insight with a command center.

First Platform Driven with AI

"Revolutionizing Business Systems with Ai Integrated Throughout The Business Suite"

Revolutionizing business operations with GPT4 AI integration across platforms. AtmosAI is leveraging GPT4 AI to revolutionize business operations across multiple platforms. This AI integration enables automation of processes and tasks, resulting in cost savings, improved customer service, and increased efficiency. GPT4 AI can be used for customer queries, responding to customer service requests, and product recommendations. Additionally, it allows businesses to quickly and accurately process data, leading to better decisionmaking and improved operations. With GPT4 AI integration, businesses can maximize success.

Features like no other software

No Code Customization

Single View Command Center

GPT-4 Integrated

Latest Technololgy


Data Visualization

App Features

Utilize built in integrations or your own API

Featured Integrations

If you need an integration and you don’t see it, let us know! We’ll add it for you. 

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Easy to Use!

100% No Code Customizable

The best part about AtmosAI is its nocode customization, which makes it incredibly easy to create a personalized system, without the need for a high paid developer or consultant! We understood the need for a platform that was intuitive, nimble, and easily tailored to fit your business, and we delivered. To add a custom field, click add, and to edit a field, click edit! It’s that simple. 

Increased Speed, Efficiency, and Cost Savings

GPT4 is an advanced natural language processing (NLP) model that can help increase speed and efficiency in many tasks. GPT4 is capable of generating text, answering questions, and performing summarization and translation tasks with minimal human guidance. It can also be used for creating content, automating customer service, and providing natural language understanding for search engines. GPT4‘s advanced capabilities can help automate mundane tasks, reduce errors, and free up workers to focus on more important work. Additionally, its natural language understanding capabilities can improve search results by providing more relevant answers to users.

Build a Business One Step at a Time

Your Success is Ours: A Total System to Achieving Business Success

Achieving success in business can be an intimidating prospect, but it doesn‘t have to be. Our AtmosAI platform is here to help you learn the skills and strategies you need to be successful. We will provide you with technology on setting goals, developing an effective team, and building relationships with customers. With our platform, you can confidently take the steps needed to make your business a success.

Quality & Efficience

You choose the Apps you need

Our software solutions offer the ability to pick and choose the applications that are best suited to your needs, allowing you to avoid the unnecessary costs associated with purchasing a large suite of applications. Let us help you find the perfect software solution for you today – choose only the apps you need and grow with us! 


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Our approach to applications helps you manage and automate business processes across your organization. Choose apps that address your pain points, then deploy them to employees and other agents of the company to work smarter, grow faster and gain valuable insights. Every app is mobile and tablet compatible, so you can work wherever you go