Add. Onboard. Track.

Automate your distribution

Automated Onboarding

Spend less time onboarding agents and more time on sales

Teams and Territories

Group agents for enhanced tracking capability and competition

Hierarchy Management

Create and manage sophisticated uplines and downlines

Product Assignment

Choose which salespeople sell which products or services

Manager Assignment

Assign managers for Team and Territory oversight

Contract Templates

Utilize templates contracts and customize to fit your need

Replicated Sites

Give agents and affiliates replicated eCommerce sites

Companies and Groups

Supercharge your distribution with many entity types

Technology to succeed

Give your salespeople the benefit of technology. After all, if they’re successful, you’re successful.

Automations and tools

Use Atmos to automate the time-consuming process of onboarding, activating, and managing salespeople.

Fully integrated

Team Management is fully integrated with all facets of the Atmos system, from Commissions and Financial to CMS and Marketing. Manage distribution, automate and pay commissions and give access to the Sales Portal.

Conveniently manage your salespeople and hierarchies

Management of salespeople can be a challenge, and Atmos understands that challenge. We’ve taken our  knowledge of the space and developed simple strategies to add new salespeople (Agents, companies and groups) and also how to apply uplines and downlines to those entities, if applicable. And guess what? Automatic activation may be enabled to create a touchless process of addressing your distribution.

Boost sales through tech and integrations.

Focus more time and resources on revenue generation by automating the technology behind your distribution.

Replicated Sites

Once onboarded and activated, replicated sites connected to the specified agent are automatically generated.


Watch information flow seamlessly, from generation of commissions to financial consolidation and Sales Portal.

Create friendly competition

Each agent or employee  may be assigned specified products, commissions and parent agents, but to keep  track of sales, it makes sense to be able to view salespeople as groups. Atmos supports grouping of  individual entities by Teams and Territories, enabling the ability to show combined metrics of groups of agents. Want to create competition between two Teams? No problem. Group the agents, assign managers and watch the progress.

“As a long time business owner, one of my biggest issues has been data. We have tons of it, but what do we do with it? Using Atmos, all of our data is now synced and usable.”
Luise Momento

Add Team Management to your AtmosAI