Manage your teams, create Territories, Onboard with Ease.

Businesses can easily manage their teams, create teams and territories, and onboard new members with ease

Grow your team faster with us

Manage All Agents out side of your company

Manage Companies you have partnered with.

Easily add employees in your teams

Get regular updates with proper analytics.

Manage your teams smartly, remotely and fast.

AtmosAI enables efficient remote team management, with features like performance monitoring, task assignment, and collaboration, making it easier to keep everyone in sync.

Activity Feed

AtmosAI helps teams stay connected and updated with its activity feed and email integrations.

Email Integration

AtmosAI helps teams streamline and automate their workflow by integrating emails into team management processes.

Stay updated with automated data.

Staying updated with automated Data allows for businesses to make more informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Multiple Apps, One Platform.

The benefits of multiple apps on one platform are numerous. It saves time and money, provides a unified user experience, optimizes developers workflow, and increases visibility.

No more using multiple softwares!

No credit card required

Get the perfect solution
for your business.

Understand your team

Knowing and upholding your team's core values is essential for successful collaboration and productivity.

Get automated reports

Automated reports save time and energy, making them a great resource for staying up to date on important business information.

Send payments fast

Sending payments fast to agents/team members allows for improved efficiency and better team morale, as everyone is paid on time.

Customer stories

Discover why our customer rely on AtmosAI platform

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We've been using this Team Management system for a few months now, and it works incredibly well when combined with the CRM and Sales Portal. It makes organizing the team and tracking progress incredibly easy. The visual representations of the data make it simple to understand, and I've been able to quickly see an improvement our team."
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“AtmosAI Team Management software has been a great addition to our team. It's allowed us to stay on top of our leads and sales and open up time for other revenue generating opportunities. The interface is intuitive and the customer support has been great. Highly recommend!”
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"This software has been a lifesaver for our organization. It's allowed us to keep everyone in the loop and still surpass revenue targets. I was a bit concerned about training and onboarding, but the team was super helpful. If you're looking for cutting edge tech, this is it.”

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