How a Business Operating System Helps Your Organization Run the Show

Business Operating System

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Whether you are a small business owner or a business legend who has created multimillion-dollar businesses, you have encountered the problem of organizing and handling business data, people, and products. 

We have companies that have reached the astonishing mark of a trillion dollars and are more than 100 years old, but still, those companies are not performing as much as they should. Why? 

What makes a company a “great” company?

The short answer – its system.

A trillion-dollar company has managed to build and implement a Business Operating System, also known as “BOS,” that has allowed them to expand and grow into a giant organization with a zillion Gb of data, thousands of employees, and hundreds of products across the globe. 

But what is a Business Operating System? And how does it help an organization and its people reach levels beyond their imagination?

What is a Business Operating System?

A business operating system (BOS) is composed of an organization’s policies and procedures, which helps management implement, review, and, if need be, improve these SOPs.  

It sets the tone for how an organization will operate in a documented fashion and shares it with the entire organization.

The function of a business operating system is to assign roles and responsibilities to every team member, through which management keeps an eye on all the activities and operations within the organization.

An effective business operating system creates discipline within the organization, but customization is required according to the organization’s unique needs to achieve that discipline. 

For a Business Operating System to function correctly, the proper individuals should be put behind the steering wheels (as a BOS cannot run by itself) with knowledge, experience, and expertise to implement and operate the system with maximum efficiency. 

Keeping in mind the needs of modern-day businesses, AtmosAI has built a Business Operating System with 9 Hubs, which helps organizations gather data and manage day-to-day operations effectively and efficiently. 

Why does an organization need a Business Operating System?

Organizations are built and run by managing many different factors and people. To work with them and take full advantage of their potential, an organization needs a system to monitor and improve their employees’ activities, assign them goals and keep their performance in check. 

The main reason for having a BOS is as follows:

  • Embed company policies and procedures into one system and implement them all over the organization.
  • Enhance efficiency by streamlining processes.
  • Bring everyone on board with the same goal and the tools you need to succeed.
  • It helps in defining roles and responsibilities, setting expectations, and accountability.
  • Develop an environment where employees feel valued and respected while working toward concrete goals.
  • Keep performing at a high enough level so that everyone benefits and the company can scale.    

Components of a Great Business Operating System.

  1. Processes: The series of actions taken to finish a task.
  2. Management: The process or steps taken to control things and people.
  3. Systems: A set of principles or procedures according to which something is done.
  4. Expertise: The skills and abilities required to execute a job properly.
  5. Structure: The framework of how the BOS supports its processes, management, systems, and expertise.

Benefits of a Business Operating System?

Developing and implementing a company-wide business operating system:

It helps your brand become more recognized.

When planned carefully, a BOS may help you isolate and strengthen the processes that impact your company’s bottom line. With the hope of rallying the whole team around a common purpose, it facilitates the dissemination of that vision. It describes the company’s outstanding work and its significance, the methods for achieving it, the means for providing a satisfying customer experience, and the characteristics of exceptional outcomes.

Creates one-of-a-kind procedures.

The business operations manual (BOS) provides detailed instructions for carrying out corporate operations. No guesswork! Everything runs more efficiently and effectively when everyone follows the same procedures.

It avoids squandering time and energy.

The efficiency of a BOS lies in the fact that workers don’t have to squander their time on activities that don’t directly advance toward the goal. It’s a valuable tool enabling managers and teams to operate an organization reliably and productively.

Keeps tabs on progress.

Managers can see how they and their employees are doing concerning your stated objectives since they are detailed in your BOS. It ensures everyone is on the same page and doing their part to achieve the same goals.

Allows employees to meaningfully contribute to the company’s goals.

The success of a business operation system (BOS) depends on its ability to communicate to employees the importance of their contributions to the achievement of organizational objectives. People who have goals to work toward are more likely to remain focused and committed to the process.

Increases productivity and efficiency, which is a huge step forward for your business.

If your company keeps hitting roadblocks and failing to progress, an enterprise resource planning (BOS) system may be the answer. Business operating systems like AtmosAI make it possible.

How AtmosAI Business Operating System can help Businesses run smoothly.

AtmosAI Business Operating System can help you run your business smoothly and effectively. Our 9 Hubs are designed to help enterprises to streamline processes and integrate their vision into the organization through our system.

Whether you are working in-office or remotely, you and your teams can connect and organize workflow instantly, solve issues faster, and create better opportunities with solutions like:

CRM: AtmosAI CRM is built and designed to help you manage leads, convert opportunities into customers, and customers into permanent clients.

Our CRM system lets users collect and organize a variety of consumer data, helping them better understand their customers and prospects so that they can easily answer their queries and questions.

CMS: With AtmosAI CMS, built and designed Websites, eCommerce Stores, and Blogs. Manage content on them without the need for any coding knowledge.

AtmosAI CMS creates, manages, modifies, and publishes content with a user-friendly interface and easily customizes the design and functionality of your site.

Other quality features like Forms creator, Comments Moderator, Media Library, and SEO apps are there to help run the website with ease.

Financials: The AtmosAI Financial Hub streamlines and automates financial business processes for daily business intelligence across its enterprise applications. The AtmosAI Financial Module boosts efficiency, cuts down on expenses, and delivers insightful data that aids in making more informed company decisions.

Commissions: Commission payouts are one of the most, if not the most, tricky parts of any business; hence, AtmosAI has emerged to keep the workflow organized, accurate and efficient. 

AtmosAI’s Commissions Module allows executives to easily and accurately plan for and oversee expanding groups of salespeople and large sales volumes. No matter the complexity of the commission structure, AtmosAI will keep track of all the different layers of the commission structure and will properly and accurately allocate them to the respective personnel. 

Marketing: AtmosAI Marketing Hub allows users to automatically send emails, posts, memos, notifications, updates, etc., on any given period as scheduled by management

Take charge of marketing with Email. SMS and Social Media marketing integrations all in one place.

With Google and Facebook ads integration, easily manage and run marketing campaigns on the world’s leading platforms.

Operations: Take Charge of all the Hubs through Operations. 

AtmosAI Operations works as a bridge to link your brand, its products, your team of workers, and potential customers. The fundamental goal of this Hub is to centralize all company procedures to provide the best possible service to customers.

To obtain an advantage over your rivals, gaining access to information about your customers and understanding pertinent analytics is crucial, which is where investment in high-tech business intelligence proves its worth.

Sales Portal: AtmosAI Sales Portal allows users to take control of sales and inventory. Manage salespeople and products, lead customers through the checkout process, generate applicable commissions, and create key metrics for your business, such as customer preferences, buying patterns, or agent performance.

AtmosAI Sales Portal allows users to connect their eCommerce stores with the system, customize them and make them personalized with logos, specific pricing, easy reorder options, and relevant information.

AtmosAI Sales Portal stores and supplies information, tools, and assets to help salespeople close more deals.

Team Management: AtmosAI Team Management is a tool that helps organizations build strong distribution channels and teams, including automated onboarding!

Assign targets and products to individuals or teams, create hierarchies, and assign responsibilities to managers and group leaders. Our fully-integrated commission engine is also available.

The fastest way to grow your business is through salespeople and the use of various distribution channels, and AtmosAI Team Management can help!

Cloud Contact Center: With AtmosAI Cloud Contact Center, companies don’t have to bother with managing the infrastructure behind their telephony, as everything is in the cloud. Sales teams can easily make cold calls to generate leads, and customer service teams can receive calls and keep track of client interactions.

Give your team the gift of technology, all while improving the customer experience.


As businesses are developing and growing, the need for better systems and problem-solving platforms is also increasing, which can handle modern-day requirements of complex business and financial problems. Business operating systems are not just a tool that helps organizations manage, read and convert data but that also assist in automation of processes and workflows. If selected and used appropriately, business operating systems are one of the largest contributors to an organization’s success.

To learn more about how AtmosAI can help your business, please schedule a quick discussion here.

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