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Features for a Complete CRM

AtmosAI’s integration of OpenAI GPT-4 is setting a new standard for lead generation and sales automation. With this integration, users can leverage the powerful AI-driven capabilities of the GPT-4 engine to automate lead generation, conduct customer segmentation and develop personalized customer experiences.

All things CRM

A CRM system isn't just about collecting leads, contacts, and accounts anymore; it's about the entire business cyclefrom selling to potential and existing customers, to having features that can do the entire job, from sale to close and beyond.

Command Center

Having a single page view or command center in a CRM is vital. This helps you to better serve customers, save time, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Give your sales and customer service teams the gift of efficiency.


Invoices, Quotes and Estimates are vital components of a CRM system. They help to close the sales cycle, allowing companies to complete the sale, track customer relationships and generate more revenue.


Email campaigns can help you stay in touch with customers, SMS campaigns can quickly reach customers, and social media campaigns can build brand awareness. Drip campaigns are available.


Having appointments in a CRM can be extremely beneficial. It stores customer information, simplifies the process of scheduling appointments for the entire team and helps to improve customer satisfaction.

Products and Services

AtmosAI CRM can provide businesses with powerful tools to track customer orders, sales, and other data, allowing them to gain valuable insights and improve customer service.


All things CRM

A CRM system is essential for any business. With modern technology, businesses can expect more from their CRM, such as automation and integration with other software. Investing in an upgraded CRM system can increase efficiency and profitability.


Single View Command Center

CRM Command Center view makes it easier for businesses to organize and manage customer data. This makes it simpler to track customer interactions and quickly respond to customer inquiries. Furthermore, a CRM Command Center helps to improve communication and collaboration between departments, as well as keep everyone on the same page by having a single source of truth. Ultimately, a CRM Command Center provides businesses with an efficient and organized way to manage customer relationships and data.

CRM Features Driven by GPT-4 AI


Expect more from your CRM

A CRM system can be a powerful tool to help your business stay organized and increase sales. To get the most out of it, take the time to learn about its features and use it to optimize the customer experience. This can save time, increase efficiency, improve conversions and ultimately boost your bottom line. 

AtmosAI makes switching from another contact center easy and hasslefree. Our onboarding process is free of charge, and we provide comprehensive support to make sure that the switch goes as smoothly as possible. The team at AtmosAI will take care of every step of the transition, from importing contact data to configuring your integrations (or you can complete using our tools). We provide a dedicated customer success team to help guide you through the entire process. With AtmosAI, you can be assured that you‘ll have a smooth and successful transition to a new contact center.

AtmosAI is an enterprise grade platform capable of handling any sized business. It is scalable to fit the needs of your organization and is designed to be reliable and secure and can handle large amounts of data with its built-in functionalities. Moreover, AtmosAI CRM is equipped with a powerful analytics engine that helps organizations to better understand their data and make informed decisions.

AtmosAI CRM is an AI driven core CRM with a number of add-on apps for you to choose from, built right in its suite of services. Its intuitive interface and powerful AIdriven features simplify complex customer relationship management tasks, making it easy to use and manage customer data. The platform offers a number of customizable features, including contact management, customer segmentation, customer surveys, lead scoring, and automated sales and marketing campaigns. AtmosAI CRM also integrates with popular thirdparty apps, such as Quickbooks, Plaid, and a number of WordPress apps, allowing users to easily exchange and manage customer data. In addition, integration with other apps and services can be achieved using Zapier or AtmosAI’s own APIs. With its intuitive design and powerful AI-driven features, AtmosAI CRM is the perfect tool for businesses of all sizes looking to streamline and automate their customer relationship management processes.


Automated lead management

A good CRM should be able to capture leads from different sources, prioritize them for follow-up, and provide tools to nurture leads by sending automated emails and tracking responses. This will help businesses streamline and automate their lead management process, ensuring that no lead is left behind. Additionally, the CRM should provide insights and analytics to help businesses better understand their leads and increase conversions. With these tools in place, businesses can optimize their lead nurturing and conversion strategies to maximize ROI.

Automated management with other features

Contact Management

AtmosAI CRM helps you store and organize contact information and customer profiles. It should also allow you to quickly access customer info and contact them. This can save time and streamline customer communication, allowing businesses to quickly respond to customer inquiries and provide better customer service. Additionally, a CRM should provide tools to manage customer relationships, such as segmentation, automation, and tagging.


Integrations & Customization

It’s much easier said than done, isn’t it? Luckily, AtmosAI’s software comes with a suite of powerful features that makes capturing qualified leads a breeze. This includes full integration into campaigns, dedicated sales funnels, internal forms, and appointment scheduling for consultations or service – making it easier to capture qualified leads and ensure quality customer service on a regular basis.

Automated management with other features

Reporting &Analytics

A CRM should provide detailed reports on sales, customer support and other areas of your business. This will help you make better decisions and identify potential issues. It should also provide insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing businesses to tailor their services to better meet customers’ needs. Additionally, it should provide an easy way to track performance metrics, such as sales and conversion rates.

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