Accurately Calculating Sales Commissions is Vital.

Accurately calculating sales commissions is vital for a business to succeed. The right tracking system can ensure that staff are fairly compensated and profits are maximized.

Compensation AI

Maximizing Sales Commission Plans for Maximum Performance

Track key revenue metrics to refine your compensation strategy with confidence.

“I want to spend 80% of my time on analyzing sales not calculating commissions ”

"Effortlessly Manage Sales Commissions with Our Comprehensive Software Solution"

Easily manage sales commission with our software. Our intuitive dashboard helps you set up commission plans, track performance, and generate accurate reports. Automated payment processes ensure accurate and timely payments. Manage sales commission with ease and confidence.


Build any plan or workflow, and accommodate the inevitable adjustments

AtmosAI helps businesses build plans and workflows that are flexible and easy to adjust to changing conditions. Its intuitive interface enables quick changes to keep plans and workflows on track, while its features help track progress and maintain visibility.


Influence and manage sales behavior with visibility into the metrics that matter.

AtmosAI provides the visibility into the metrics that matter is key for influence and managing sales behavior. By having a clear understanding of how different sales activities and strategies are performing, organizations can make datadriven decisions on how to most effectively manage sales behavior. This visibility can also be used to provide feedback to sales teams and recognize areas of success in order to ensure that teams are on the right track.AtmosAI 

Features built for simple to complex commisions

AtmosAI can help businesses of any size, from small businesses to large corporations, save time and money by providing an efficient and accurate way to calculate and manage commissions. Features may include the ability to calculate commissions based on a variety of criteria, set commission goals and thresholds, and report on commissions in realtime, as well as manage commission payments by automatically paying out commissions to employees.

Commissions Features

Splits, clawbacks all easy to use

Real Estate Agent Commissions

AtmosAi offers an easytouse platform with features such as automatic commission calculations, custom commission settings, and detailed reporting to help real estate agents maximize their commission and optimize their sales process.

Templeted Plans

Broker, ISO and FMO Insurance Commissions

AtmosAi‘s platform is the optimal choice for brokers, ISOs and FMOs as it provides the necessary tools to maximize success in the insurance industry by automating commission and marketing processes.

Templeted Plans

Recruitement Agency Commissions

AtmosAi is the optimal platform for recruiters to employ in order to lower commission fees and optimize their recruitment process.

Complex product Commissions

Energy Sales Rep Commissions

Energy Sales Rep Commissions Automated with AtmosAi Platform: The AtmosAi platform makes it easy for energy sales reps to automate their commission processes, allowing them to save time and money while optimizing their customer experience.

Easily Usable Commission System

Digital Product Vendors

Creating an appropriate compensation structure for employees can be an important factor in recruiting and retaining highly skilled workers.

Unleashing the Power of Automation for Commission Management

AtosAI has revolutionized the way finance and operations teams handle commissions. By removing the need for spreadsheets and outdated systems, teams can now quickly, accurately, and reliably calculate commissions on a massive scale. This provides sales reps with clear, actionable data, aiding them in achieving their sales targets. Not only has this streamlined the process, but it has also created a more efficient workflow.

Ensure Accurate Commission Payments Every Time

Refine Your Compensation Strategy with Confidence by Tracking Essential Revenue Metrics