Design AI Powered Campaigns for Every Customer

Design AI powered email and SMS campaigns to personalize customer experience and meet each customer’s unique needs. Leverage AI to deliver targeted, timely and tailored campaigns that drive engagement and conversion.

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Opt-in to Campaigns

You can add campaigns to your CRM or receive them automatically through an app if you have chosen to opt-in for marketing. The process is just a couple of clicks

Add a campaign

Filter CRM contacts and add those contacts directly to a specific campaign; alternatively, you can import contacts directly into a chosen campaign. The choice is yours.


Get results

GPT-4 AI can be a powerful tool for campaigns, producing high-quality, accurate results quickly and efficiently. It can help optimize messaging, target specific audiences, and analyze outcomes.

Create campaigns that convert.

Create campaigns that are tailored to your target audience, with persuasive messaging and visuals that will drive conversions. Test different creative and targeting options to maximize the success of your campaigns.

Send sequences, bulk emails & SMS to your customers, fast!

Stay connected with your customers easily and quickly by sending sequences (drip campaigns), bulk emails and SMS with just a few clicks.

Integrate with popular tools without the hassle.

Incorporating our apps into existing tools and services you already use is a breeze – no complicated setup or configuration required. We make sure the integration process is smooth and effortless, so you can enjoy the benefits of our service without any hassle.


Read what our customers
say about AtmosAI Campaigns

It was incredibly easy to set up my campaigns compared to my old one; I merely select the wizard, make the adjustments I want, and then click "Save". The new campaign is much faster and more user-friendly.
DIgital Marketer
Using my new campaigns was a breeze-- it was user-friendly with the setup procedures outlined in the step-by-step wizard. All I had to do was follow the setup and I was done! And the use of AI -GPT 4 content creator incredibly helpful.
DIgital Marketer
It was so easy to use your campaigns! Making changes was a breeze - all I had to do was select the campaign, make the edit and click save - and my campaign was instantly updated. My old system was so much more complicated to use.
DIgital Marketer
My experience with the campaign app was very impressive. I could easily follow the setup wizard and complete a new campaign very easily. I'm glad I moved to AtmosAi software.
DIgital Marketer
You made it so simple. My new site is so much faster and easier to work with than my old site. I just choose the page, make the change and click save.
DIgital Marketer
You made it so simple. We do a lot of broadcasts emails and most are lengthy. So, the use of AI GPT-4 is an incredible difference in our content.
DIgital Marketer

Grow your business with email & SMS
AI marketing

Grow your business quickly and costeffectively with email and SMS marketing. Leverage powerful tools to reach your customers instantly and get results.

No credit card required